Winston-Salem residents invited to build a better birdhouse

February 23, 2017 by  

Spring is on the way for Winston-Salem, and along with the warmers days come the birds, which will be looking for safe paces to raise their families. A workshop will be taking place that will give people a chance to welcome them back with a custom built birdhouse.

The session will be facilitated by professional woodworker Bobby Davis, Sr., who will teach the participants how to use reclaimed wood to build the small-scale homes. They will be given information about how to choose the right entry hole size for the species they wish to attract, as well as how much space is required for them to nest and what ventilation is needed. A demonstration of how to construct a blue bird box will also be provided. Digital copying can be used to produce building instructions and other handouts that can be given to each participant in an activity such as this

There is no cost to participate, and at the end of the workshop, both completed birdhouses and blue bird nesting box kits will be available for purchase. The event has been organized by Old Salem Horticulture, and all bird and garden lovers are welcome.

The This is for the Birds garden class will be held on March 4th in the Old Salem Visitor’s Center. Additional details have been made available on the community’s website.