Sensory friendly day planned for Winston-Salem Museum

June 26, 2017 by  

Children and adults alike with autism spectrum disorders and sensory processing disorders can often be sensitive to noise, crowds and bright lights. Winston-Salem’s Kaledium has set aside a day just for them.

The upcoming Sensory Friendly Monday has been planned for a day when the Kaledium is not usually quite so busy. This way, it will be quieter, there should not be crowds, and the kids can take their time and have fun exploring all the exhibits. Those who participate do not have to have a museum membership, but will need to pay the museum admission fee.

During these functions, modifications will be made that make the building more sensory friendly. Quiet rooms and choice boards will be provided, and both a visual schedule and social stories have also been created for parents to share with their child before they arrive at the museum. Backpacks that are sensory friendly will also be made available for borrowing for anyone who needs one. A local printer can use graphic design to craft logos and other branding that can then be added to backpacks used during a function such as this.

Monday, September 18 has been chosen as the day for this event. It will take place in the Kaleideum, which is located at 400 W Hanes Mill Road. More information and a link to the social story and visual schedule can be found on its website.