Seed swap planned for Winston-Salem

December 29, 2016 by  

Though winter may be here, gardeners in Winston-Salem can still work on the garden of their dreams by taking part in the Slow Food Piedmont Annual Seed Swap and Potluck meal.

The event, which is open both to new gardeners and those with years of experience in growing heirloom flowers, fruits, and vegetables, provides an opportunity for local green thumbs to get new seeds and obtain hard to find varieties that are no longer commonly grown.

Everyone is welcome to come out and join in the fun. They will have a chance to network with other home horticulturalists and share tips and tricks. Those who attend are encouraged to bring along a dish for the potluck, and everyone can enjoy the food while they socialize and swap.

Seed swaps not only provide an inexpensive or even free way to get new items for a garden, but also preserve old varieties that are no longer commonly grown. This ensures genetic diversity of cultivated plants, which is a part of food security. The organizers of an event like this can have brochures prepared for distribution that give more information about harvesting and saving seeds for the future.

The event will take place on January 28 in the Old Salem Visitors’ Center. It is free to participate, and further details can found on the event’s website.