CPR and first aid training session planned for Winston-Salem

August 5, 2017 by  

Learning first aid and CPR techniques can help a person to save someone’s life in an emergency situation, and those who wish to add these skills to their toolbox can do so during an upcoming Winston-Salem workshop.

The Forsyth Co. Emergency Services Building will be the location for the training session, and those who complete it successfully will be equipped with first aid and CPR techniques that can be used for adults, children and infants. It will be presented to the group by Dan Ozmek, and the cost for each person to participate has been set at $65.

The organizers of the function noted that these certifications are a requirement that every family child care provider needs to have. They can also be very beneficial for those who work in a larger childcare center setting. Manuals for the participants, oversized diagrams, and other items for an education event like this can be both designed and produced by an area print company.

This CPR and first aid training session will be held on Saturday, August 26 in the Forsyth Co. Emergency Services Building. Those who plan on participating are asked to enter the building through the Highlands Avenue entrance, and the deadline to register is August 25. More information, and an opportunity to register, can be found on the Work Family Resource Center’s website calendar.