Wilmington welcomes new residents

December 30, 2016 by  

People new to Wilmington got a warm reception on November 29, 2016, when a ‘Welcome to Wilmington’ reception took place.

The gathering, which is the fourth of its kind, was held at the Wilmington Memorial Library, and was co-sponsored by the library and the Chamber of Commerce. The reception gave new residents a chance to see what programs and services are available to them as residents of the city, and to meet local business people. Audrey Kelly, president of the local chamber, said a lot of newcomers are moving to Wilmington because businesses are doing well in the area, creating a strong economy.

Nonprofits, Wilmington departments, and businesses from various sectors all turned out to meet newcomers. Among them were the Recreation Department, the Wilmington Police Department, Friends of the Library, WCTV, Best Pets Vets, Salem Five Bank, the Wilmington Fire Department, the American Cancer society, and the city’s Public Works Department.

Newcomer Ralph Wise said that so far, he liked Wilmington, finding it quiet and convenient. He enjoyed meeting other members of the community at the event. His thoughts were echoed by another newcomer, Fouad Khalil, who said he had never been to a municipality that put on a similar event. He said he enjoyed meeting town officials and others in the community.

Events like these can benefit if organizers work with flyer printing companies to create mailers for all residents, listing attendees and their type of business.