Wilmington pizzeria makes unusual delivery

May 19, 2017 by  

It was pizza to the rescue of passengers on board a nonmoving train on the evening of May 14.

An Amtrak train traveling between Boston and Washington, D.C., got stranded in Wilmington, with a number of hungry passengers on board. Someone on the train called Dom’s NY Style Pizzeria in Wilmington, and asked if they could deliver pizzas to them. The person who answered the phone was not sure, but Jim Leary, an experienced deliverer, said yes.

Leary said that a passenger had given him the address of a house beside the tracks as a location, so he drove there and parked. Then, he made his way to the grounded train, all while carrying two pizzas.

As he got close to the train, passengers began cheering and waving, while Leary called the customer who had first ordered the pizza. The man opened a window part way and yelled, “I’m down here,” as he leaned out. Leary got a $12 tip, and another $20 from a passenger who rewarded him for thinking of bringing along paper plates.

Amtrak spokeswoman Chelsea Kopta said the company understood that delays were frustrating, but approaching a train from the tracks was dangerous. She cautioned against making similar pizza deliveries in the future.

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