Wilmington could get second chance to claim $200K

January 27, 2017 by  

The state of Delaware awarded the Wilmington Police Department $200,000 in 2016 to help pay for overtime hours. However, the police didn’t accept the reward in time, and it was withdrawn. Now, the state is considering offering the money once again.

A bill now under consideration, drafted by state senator Robert Marshall, would give the money to Wilmington itself, which the mayor could spend at his discretion for the purpose of public safety. Marshall’s legislation would have directed funds exclusively to the fire department, which shut down Engine 6, located at Union and Third Street, due to staffing shortages. However, now the police might also receive part of the money, enabling officers to go back on the streets to become more involved with members of the community they serve.

Mike Purzycki definitely will accept the grant, according to the city’s John Rago. He notes that the mayor is grateful for the support of the state and the fact it has recognized that Wilmington faces challenges with regard to public safety. Rago added that the additional funds will help keep residents safe as the city completes its strategic plans for the services that fire and police will offer now and in the future.

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