New director in place at local broadcaster

September 25, 2016 by  

Radio station WSTW in Wilmington has named a new music director for only the fourth time in its 38-year history.

Night host Aaron Price will take over the position, according to the station’s Mike Rossi, who announced the appointment in a memo he wrote to the staff. According to Rossi, Price has been hosting the station’s Night Show for five years, and has proven to be an invaluable member of the station’s programming staff, with a particular gift for music matters. Rossi said Price will be able to continue making his contributions when he takes over as music director.

Price said he was somewhat shocked by the promotion, and related that he had unscheduled an entire day’s programming by accident, something that happened more than once. However, he said he’s grateful to Rossi and other colleagues for the advice they have given him over the last five years, and is thankful that he’s being given this opportunity to move up at WSTW, which he calls a “legendary” station.

WSTW is owned by Delmarva Broadcasting Company, and the station broadcasts to the whole city of Philadelphia, though it focuses its service on Wilmington. Its target audience is young adults, though it has shifted away from a ‘top 40’ format to that of contemporary hits.

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