It’s a Disaster! for Wilmington

January 27, 2018 by  

The Wilmington Drama League opens its 2018 season with ‘Disaster! The Musical’, a show that spoofs the disaster films of the 1970s using music from that decade. The production has run both on and off-Broadway.

The setting of the show is a floating discotheque and casino in the Big Apple, where a group of New Yorkers have gathered together to celebrate the Barracuda’s opening night. Unfortunately, the boat’s owner has cut corners during construction, making the craft unsafe. In addition, the city is about to be hit by a series of natural disasters, and combined with the dangerous conditions on the ship, the group faces the types of situations found in classic disaster films.

The show uses the plot devices of killer bees (‘The Swarm’), a sinking ship (‘The Poseidon Adventure’), and earthquakes (‘Earthquake!’) to shake up the partygoers. The songs compliment the situations, featuring such 1970s hits as ‘I Am Woman’, ‘Saturday Night’ and ‘Hawaii 5-0’.

‘Disaster!’ had its first of six performances yesterday, January 26, and has its second tonight, January 27, at 8:00 pm. Two more follow at the same time next Friday and Saturday, February 2 and 3. There are also two Sunday matinees: January 28 and February 4, at 2:00 pm. The show will be presented at the Wilmington Drama League on Lea Boulevard.

Events like this can be an opportunity for fundraising if managers work with a poster printing company to create posters for the production, and subsequently offer them for sale.