Williston Park schools to emphasize math and science

November 15, 2016 by  

School officials at East Williston School District are thinking of changing the math and computer science programs available at the high school.

The goal of the change would be to create a more cohesive curriculum for students. Along with making general changes to high school math and computer science, the district is looking at altering the Advanced Placement (AP) computer science course offered at the Wheatley School. The changes would make the project more in line with the district’s science and technology initiative, Project Lead the Way, which is in place for students from grades 9 through 12.

It will not only be high school level courses that are affected by the changes; the district might also adjust the math research program available to eighth graders, so that it better aligns with its other initiatives.

As the district enters years four of a five-year strategic plan, it is reviewing current programs to determine how to better incorporate new ones or new initiatives.

As schools tweak curriculum, it’s important that they keep parents and students aware of any changes. Schools can use Williston Park-based newsletter printing to keep parents and students up to date.

The hope is that adjusting the current curriculum will help students succeed academically. The changes will allow students to take skills they have learned in math classes and use them in their science classes, and will allow them to incorporate skills from non-STEM areas, such as English, into their STEM coursework.