State aid could increase for schools on the North Shore

January 30, 2018 by  

Schools on Long Island’s North Shore, including those in East Williston, could see a slight increase in their operating funds, if a measure recently proposed by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo passes.

The governor proposed an increase in the aid given to the schools by $1.74m an amount that represents an approximately 1.99 percent increase, taking the total from $87,440,757 to $89,181,026. The governor proposed a 3% increase in school funding statewide, an increase of $769m.

The $1.74m would be split among a number of schools in Nassau County, including those in Williston Park, East Williston, Great Neck, Manhasset, Roslyn, Sewanhaka, and Port Washington. Most of the districts are grateful for the increased funding, but virtually all say it is not enough, especially as more special needs students come into the systems.

If the aid package passes as proposed, the $1.74m is only a small part of the increase aimed at Nassau County schools, which receive over $1bn annually. The increase is also lower than the amount appropriated for the county, and Long Island overall.

The school district in East Williston would see an increase of 3.95%, taking the total from $3.29m to $3.49m – a $130,125 increase.

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