Local company releases new music app

July 4, 2017 by  

The next big thing in social media and music could be from the area near Williston Park.

At the end of June, Rednote, a company based in Port Washington, near Williston Park, released an app for iOS at the end of June. Plans are in the works to produce an Android version by early next year.

Companies that produce new software or apps can use marketing services to get the word out about their new product and about what it does. Rednote’s app lets users put clips from their favorite songs as well as lyrics from songs into photos and text messages, as the marketing and artist relations manager, Kendall Berman, told the Island Now.

Andy Blacker saw an opportunity before creating the app and starting the company. According to him, people share eight billion photos every day and 120 million people search for lyrics each month. Searching of lyrics and sharing or uploading photos are two of the most common online behaviors, he claimed. The third most popular online activity is listening to music.

Along with launching a new app, Rednote is hoping to give back to the community on Long Island. It is working to put together a tech scholarship worth $1,000 to $2,000 one of the high schools in the area. The company also offers paid internships to high school students.