High school offers students extra help with college applications

August 15, 2016 by  

The college application process can be overwhelming for high school seniors. Along with preparing their applications, students also need to keep up their schoolwork and participate in their extracurricular activities.

To help ease some of the stress of applying to college, Paul D. Schreiber High School, in Port Washington, near Williston Park, has been offering an Application Help Day for the past three years.

This year’s sessions will be held on August 24 and will focus on helping students complete the Common Application, which is used by many schools and students. During the day, students will have a chance to work on the school’s computers and begin filling out their application.

When running programs such as Application Day, schools can use mailing services to let eligible students know and to encourage them to sign up. The high school is offering both a morning and afternoon session to provide help to the greatest number of students. So far, more than 60 students have signed up to participate.

The goal of the program is to provide answers to common questions students usually have about the application. For example, students usually aren’t aware of their class size and might not know their unweighted GPA. Both are required on the application.

Along with Application Day, the guidance counseling department at the high school is offering a variety of programs to help students transition to college. A College Scholarship Service session will take place on September 14. On September 20, students can participate in a program reviewing the FAFSA, the federal financial aid form.