Animal shelter near Williston Park gets approval for expansion

March 10, 2017 by  

At the end of last month, the town of North Hempstead voted to approve a one-story expansion of the North Shore Animal League America’s facility in Port Washington, near Williston Park.

The goal of the addition is to add a cage-free adoption area for cats. The felines will be able to roam about freely and exist in an environment that is more natural and comfortable for them.

According to the senior vice president of operations, Joanne Yohannan, cats are a lot less stressed when they are in an open, natural environment, which makes them more likely to be adopted. The animals are more social when they can wander about, but many of them are currently caged.

The expansion will add 12 rooms to the facility, each of which will be able to hold eight cats. Once the addition is complete, the lower level of the facility will only house dogs.

Animal shelters and facilities can work with print companies to let people know about any major developments, or to fundraise to help cover the cost of any changes or additions.

Although the expansion will create more room for the cats and dogs who come through the shelter, the facility does not plan on increasing the number of animals it takes in.

The town agreed to the addition with several conditions: the shelter will need to remove damaged trees, close the building to the public while construction is underway, and only use exterior lighting when the facility is open.

Construction is expected to take up to 12 months.