Williamsburg shopping centers to get a makeover

March 29, 2018 by  

Two shopping centers in Williamsburg – the Monticello Shopping Center and the Williamsburg Shopping Center – are going to be revamped as part of one large city project.

Broad Street Realty is the driving force behind the effort, and started the redevelopment by breaking ground recently for a new project, Midtown Row. The project is at the intersection of Monticello Avenue and Richmond Road, and could be finished by Summer 2020.

It is expect that the project will take about two years to complete, and during that time, crews will be demolishing, refacing, and building on the shopping centers’ sites. Approximately 250 apartments, as well as offices, stores, and restaurants, will be built.

Paul Freiling, the mayor of Williamsburg, said the work will cost about $120m, most of which is coming from private funding. The city will pay for improvements to the infrastructure, which will be about $5-6m. These improvements include widening the sidewalks, building dedicated bike paths, and constructing a multiuse path that will connect the remodeled shopping centers with James City County and Newtown.

Money for construction of the multi-use path is coming from both the federal government, and the College of William & Mary. Estimates are that the path will cost about $1m.

Projects like this can generate a lot of excitement, so developers could work with a banner printing company to create displays at the opening ceremonies.