Colonial Williamsburg may sell land

August 26, 2017 by  

Bryan Hill, the James County administrator, announced he has been given permission to talk to the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation about buying some of the Foundation’s land. Hill says he will meet soon with Mitchell Reiss, president of the foundation, to start discussions about the potential purchase.

The foundation is considering selling some of the land it owns because the recent economic downturn has left it in some financial difficulties. Colonial Williamsburg asked York County, James County, and the City of Williamsburg for tax relief, but none of the entities was able to help, leading the foundation to consider the sale.

The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation owns $8.3 million worth of property in James County, comprised of eleven different properties. Seven of them are located on the Pocahontas Trail, and are all zoned for use as general business.

Hill said he wants to help Colonial Williamsburg because anything that affects the foundation also affects James County. However, he says he is unable to take action unless there is movement at the state level first. With that being the case, he is looking for other ways to help the foundation.

Williamsburg is a great historical and national treasure, and businesses and residents there may be concerned by these issues. Officials could help by working with a newsletter printing company to create a letter that has the space to explain the situation in detail.