Westerville supplying “Go Buckets” to its schools

October 27, 2017 by  

Westerville police, along with the School Solutions Network, the social arm of Status Solutions, have joined up to lead an initiative to make sure Westerville schools have the supplies they need in an emergency. The two organizations, as well as other community members, donated 700 “Go Buckets” to 24 Westerville schools.

The buckets contain items such as toilet paper, scissors, rope, hammer, duct tape, a flashlight, bottled water, glucose tabs, and first aid supplies. In addition, an included video showed how to use the bucket and the supplies it contains in a crisis. The buckets were packed on October 20, 2017, by volunteers from various community groups, including members of the city’s Citizen’s Police Academy, and staff members from OhioHealth.

The Go Buckets were the idea of Thomas Armstrong, a student at Westerville North High School, who came up with the format, then worked with his school officials to get a Go Bucket into every classroom in his school. Now, the effort has gone city-wide.

Westerville police lieutenant Ron McMillin said the buckets are simple tools that will help schools operate in high stress situations, such as natural disasters. During such times, schools don’t need to worry about finding water, food, or medical supplies.

Measures like this are of interest to an entire community, so officials could work with a flyer printing company on a mailer to inform them of the project.