Westerville to offer residents renewable energy option

January 28, 2018 by  

As a way to answer demands for sustainable energy, Westerville will start offering “renewable energy certificates” to its residents, according to an article in This Week Community News.

The certificates are generated whenever a source like solar or wind power produces one megawatt-hour of energy. The certificates, which prove the energy came from a renewable source, are then sold to providers like American Municipal Power, which buys them on behalf of Westerville.

The idea of using the certificates came from Chris Monacelli, Westerville’s electric utility manager, who discussed them at a recent city council session. According to Monacelli, businesses and residents in Westerville have the option of signing up to a program known as EcoSmart Choice, which allows them to use up to 100% of their energy via the credits. The aim is to give people an incentive to utilize energy from renewable sources.

There would be a slight additional charge to customers who sign up; the cost is $0.003 per kilowatt-hour, which works about to about $3 extra per month on the average bill for customers that use 1,000 kilowatt-hours each month.

Monacelli added that the EcoSmart Choice effort has been devised because his department has been getting more and more requests from customers for a way to use energy from sustainable sources.

Officials can help explain programs like this by using brochures to provide details of the operation.