Westerville business gets green light for grant

February 23, 2017 by  

Innovative Organics, a company based in Westerville, has won approval from the Delaware City Council to apply for a grant to develop infrastructure to recycle food waste

The company will apply for as much as $250,000. If approved, the money will come from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

George Hunyadi, Brock Reinhard, and Ray Leard founded Innovative Organics in 2016. The company gives consumers and businesses in central Ohio a variety of services to help them cut down on waste. If it wins the grant, Innovative Organics will match the funds 100%. It plans to use the money to begin a curbside collection of food waste, and would begin by buying 2,000 seven-gallon collection buckets, along with recycling equipment for handling the organic waste. It would also buy signs for use at large zero-waste events that are held outdoors.

Leard also said Innovative Organics would partner with Ohio Wesleyan University and start operations at Alum Creek State Park. The company provided recycling bins for the Dublin, Ohio, 2016 Irish Festival, which drew over 200,000 people. Innovative Organic’s principals note that people now are familiar with recycling, but still toss out food. The company’s goal is to transform that discarded food into healthy soil.

Efforts like this can benefit if companies work with brochure printers, who can create booklets to illustrate the process.