Yakima plans shutdown of irrigation systems

September 25, 2017 by  

Businesses, farms, and residences that get their water from one of several companies will have their irrigation systems shut down soon, though the dates are different for each organization.

City officials are encouraging residents to get ready for winter even before the shut-off dates. Yakima’s irrigation season usually runs from early in April until sometime in October, when cooler, rainier weather sets in.

Irrigation systems have been in place in Yakima since early in the 1900s. The utility that now furnishes water to approximately 11,000 people was once 66 separate systems. They were consolidated into one organization about 20 years ago.

About half of Yakima is served by the Naches Cowiche Canal Company, which will shut off the water on October 1. The Water and Irrigation Division, which is a city department, will stop the water flow on October 13. Other systems throughout the city and surrounding area will shut down between the end of October and early November.

A list of areas affected by the shut-off this Sunday, October 1 by the Naches Cowiche Canal Company can be found on the city’s website.

When officials deal with measures like this, which can affect an entire community, they might consider working with a local newsletter printing company, which can create an informative letter for residents to keep them updated.