Woodinville offers pet perfect weekend

March 28, 2014 by  

Sponsored by the AHelp Project, the AHelp fundraiser is preparing for its fourth annual event taking place tomorrow.

The AHelp project specializes in animal care and educational services, and this event is designed to be a pet-friendly opportunity for people to learn more about their companions and providing a healthy lifespan.

The promoters and sponsors for the day might have used an assortment of stationery printing and poster printing services to spread the word about this special day to people in this community and throughout the area.

During the celebration, pet owners will have the chance to learn how to foster healthy living for their pets to ensure they live a long and happy life, how to offer their pets comfort and a peaceful journey when suffering from terminal or chronic illness, and how to share all the good times with their pets.
Guests can purchase AHelp special labeled wines with a portion of the proceeds going to assist the organization. There is also a sampling event planned and refreshments available for the animals.

Tickets for this sampling and fundraising event cost $10 per person if purchased in advance and $20 per person if purchased at the door. The AHelp fundraiser will be happening tomorrow, March 29, starting at 1:00 pm at the Northwest Cellars located at 11909 124th Avenue NE in Kirkland, Washington, just a stone’s throw away from Woodinville. To obtain additional details, please visit the Northwest Cellars website or call 425-825-9463.