Woodinville High School presents its winter show

January 28, 2013 by  

The Dining Room is Woodinville High School’s winter production and it is being held later this week in its new theater using a variety of virtuoso skilled actors. This winter production offers a number of talented actors showcasing their talents over a one-day period. Poster printing and flyer printing may have been used to promote this exhilarating theatrical day to members of this community, as well as to neighboring communities.

The Dining Room is a play that takes place in one central room and showcases how various patterns occur that transform things very dramatically, including America itself. A number of scenes move smoothly and produce a compassionate and humorous play about humanity, featuring a vast collection of characters – no fewer than 57, in fact.

Characters include Irish maids, birthday party children, cheating parents, business professionals, giggling teenage girls, a stern grandfather and troublesome little boys. During this performance, guests will learn why ‘American’ families no longer dine together at the dining room table. This play will no doubt have the audience roaring in the seats with laughter. This is a great opportunity to come out and support the local students.

Admission is $12 per adult or $10 per student and all age groups are welcome. The Dining Room by Woodinville High School is being held this Thursday, January 31, beginning at 7:30 pm at the Woodinville High School located at 19819 136th Avenue NE in Woodinville, Washington. To purchase tickets, please visit the Woodinville High School website or call the school office during normal school hours.