Master Gardener Plant Clinic

April 30, 2012 by  

On Saturday, May 5th Woodinville will be home to the Master Gardener Plant Clinic. The Master Gardener Plant Clinic is being held at Molbak’s located at 14625 NE 175th Street in Woodinville. This event will begin at 11am and run until 2pm.

This event will be attended by WSU Master Gardeners and will allow guests to bring in their ailing or healthy plants and find out more information about them. Guest will be free to ask questions and receive answers from trained gardening professionals. They will also learn about the variety of plants available, how to make the correct plant selection, pest control, prevention of pests, plant diseases and how to treat them, as well as information about shrubs and trees. The Master Gardeners attending this event will be happy to assist guests with selecting the right plants for their homes from the Molbak’s garden center. Often knowing which direction the light enters a room is important for selecting proper plants.

The 501c3 Foundation is a non-profit that promotes and supports the Master Gardeners program, which started in King County back in 1972. This organization addresses the needs and education of home gardeners when it comes to finding out proper horticultural information. There is now a Master Gardeners program in all the states in the country. It is a volunteer program that serves all communities well, and may have involved local print shops in a run of poster or flyer printing to promote the event.

This is a free event and everyone is welcome to attend. For additional information about this event, visit Molbak’s website, or call Molbak’s at 425-483-5000.