Local youngsters to have a brush with the arts

June 30, 2013 by  

The Kids 6 – 11 Art Camp will provide children with an opportunity to explore the arts, learn new skills, and socialize with other children that have the same interests next month.

The hands-on workshops provided at this camp are designed so children can showcase individual expression and make creative choices. The instructor will be Michelle Bartanen, who has years of experience teaching arts.

The curriculum for the camp includes learning how to make melted crayon art on a canvas, create a customized tie-dyed T-shirt, make a critter from paper mache and the power of the imagination, and fabricate sun-sensitive paper designs. There will also be a workshop on how to paint a paper mermaid, owl, or seascape using various techniques.

All students’ artwork will be photographed and posted in an online gallery for the world to see, and those kids who want to really give their work the professional touch could consider taking it to a local printing company. This unique art camp enables students to learn while creating cool art and making new friends.

The cost of this camp is $95 per person, and it has been scheduled for Tuesday, July 16, at 1pm at the Art 4 Fun Studio located at 9702 176th Street SE in Snohomish, Washington, just down the road from Woodinville. To learn more about this art camp, or to register a child, please visit the studio’s website or give it a call during business hours.