Hurley project now underway

December 14, 2018 by  

Another new construction project has begun in Vancouver. The Hurley Development Condo Office tower, located at 1st and Columbia streets near the railroad, is now underway.

The mixed-use project will have offices and retail spaces, and will be six stories high, with each floor offering more than 7,000 square feet of space. Parking will be available under the building, and an outside deck is planned for each floor.

Ryan Hurley, who is Hurley Development’s CEO, described the building as being ‘beautiful’. He noted that since it is a gateway to the city, it was important to his company that the design be aligned with what Vancouver is like today, and that it should reflect where it will be in the future. The design combines contemporary style with the flavor of the Pacific Northwest. Developers of projects such as this could work with a brochure printing company to develop a booklet, complete with renderings, showing the amenities of such a building to prospective tenants.

Hurley Development will occupy one floor, and four other floors have already been sold, leaving one still available. Hurley has not revealed the names of the tenants. Talents Construction is the project’s general contractor, and Hurley is delighted to have them handling the major construction. It will take approximately eight months for Talents to put up the building’s shell, and perhaps another four to finish the structure completely.