Waterfront Walk gets May underway in Tacoma

April 29, 2013 by  

The ‘Walk Tacoma: Waterfront Walk’ will enable guests to take walking tours that explore the downtown area, including the North Slope, Wedge, and MLK neighborhoods.

This particular walk has a fun theme, is educational, entertaining, and features the public art found along the waterfront, so no doubt organizers have been extoling its virtues through localized flyer and poster printing.

This is a great family outing that allows everyone in the family to enjoy fresh air, a wonderful walk, and plenty of entertainment and things to do. It makes up part of the ‘Walk Tacoma’ series and introduces people to the shops, restaurants, entertainment venues, and places to play and have fun in the downtown core.

While walking, people will be able to view the community’s wildlife that lives in the downtown core, meet the business owners, and enjoy a relaxing stroll along the waterfront parkway. People are reminded to bring their cameras to take some great pictures of the area and to dress accordingly, as sometimes the waterfront is cool. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

This is a free event for anyone wishing to learn more about downtown Tacoma. The Waterfront Walk will be taking place tomorrow, May 1, at 12:00 pm starting from the Murray Morgan Bridge located at 11th and A Streets in Tacoma, Washington. To learn more, or check out the other walking tours that are available in the area, please visit the ‘Down Town On The Go’ website.