Tacoma looks into its maritime past

August 16, 2013 by  

The Tacoma Maritime Festival is inviting everybody to come out and join them and help celebrate the wonders of a working waterfront. This event has something for everyone, not matter what the age group. Poster printing, banner printing, and flyer printing might have been the way the promoters of this festival spread the word about the event to people in this community and the surrounding areas.

This festival was created to celebrate the history and accomplishments achieved by the Tacoma Waterfront, which is more than 46 miles of coastal shoreline and a most treasured resource. During the festival, guests will enjoy nautical activities, various musical groups, vendors with a delicious assortment of foods and beverages, and the kids’ zone play area.

There will be seminars for people to partake in, ranging from ones on the Tall Ships Cannon Battles to explaining what people need to know about captains. This is the 21st annual festival and exhibition about the ‘City of Destiny’, a nickname coined in 1875. Besides the festivals events, this waterfront has other activities that can be enjoyed as well.

Admission to the event is free to everyone, and it will be held on Saturday, August 24 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm at Thea’s Park and the Foss Waterway Seaport located at 533 Dock Street in Tacoma, Washington. To learn more about this festival and the historic exhibits that accompany it, please visit the Maritime Festival Organization website or call the office at 253-318-2210.