History comes to life in Tacoma

April 24, 2013 by  

Guests are invited to wander back in time and learn what it was like to live during the 1850s this weekend.

During the ‘Sewing to Sowing: Living History Day’, everyone in the family can pick up something they did not know about life over 150 years ago. Poster printing and brochure printing may have been used to promote this historical event to people in this region and this community.

What is likely to be discovered is that families were much closer and often remained on a farm at home for many years, perhaps tending to the livestock and the crops. Families that attend this living history will see re-enactors from Fort Nisqually Living History Museum working the way in a style common during the planting seasons of those years.

People will be able to enter buildings at the fort and chat with the actors, dressed in 1850s clothing, about what they are doing and why it was done that way. These re-enactors will share their skills and knowledge with those who attend, making for a really interesting day. There are activities planned for all members of the family, so they can spend quality time together while learning about a period long passed by.

Admission is $22 for family admission, with individuals priced between $5 – $7.50, and those aged under three years old are welcome free of charge. It will be taking place this Saturday, April 27, from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm at the Fort Nisqually Living History Museum in Tacoma, Washington. To learn more about this day, please visit the Travel Tacoma website or call the museum at 253-591-5339.