Get noticed with banner printing

February 18, 2012 by  

With marketing budgets squeezed nearly dry, many businesses find banner printing and poster printing a cost-effective means of gaining attention and branding the company name. Tacoma, for example, implemented a banner program to aesthetically brand downtown and to feature not-for-profit community activities and events.

The portability of banners makes them useful for in-house advertising as well as for off-site events such as festivals, seminars, and workshops. Banners can move easily inside or outside for maximum flexibility. Innovative banner printing technology has evolved with the addition of large format digital printing which allows for stunning multi-color graphic and photograph reproductions on a variety of surfaces. Another innovation used by printing companies is the use of UV cures and UV resistant inks so banner and poster printing now last longer in strong sunlight.

Today, print companies can design and produce banners and posters from small to large and for a multitude of installation methods. Banners are reasonably inexpensive and can easily be rotated or changed for seasonal promotions. Banners can be installed in a variety of ways: by means of ropes or bungees, hung from posts or trees, or attached to walls with screws or stainless steel eyehooks, on a stand-alone banner frame, or even suction cups for interior installation.

When it’s time to talk banners with a printing company, it would be wise to know how and where you want to use the banner. Selecting the right banner materials and construction will insure that your banner holds up to the environment where you have planned to use it.