4th Annual Masquerade Ball comes in for a good cause

November 28, 2012 by  

The 4th Annual Masquerade Ball is an upcoming fundraising event that will be held to raise awareness and promote local charities and organizations using an evening of mysticism and excitement, not to mention dancing and fun. This is a great way to support all local charities and organizations and it is open to everyone.

The theme for this year’s Masquerade Ball is ‘End of the World Ball’ and provides guests with the opportunity to do something great. All proceeds from this ball will benefit Puyallup, Washington’s Buswell Family. Casen, the Buswells’ seven-month old son, has a rare genetic disease known as GVM, which causes hardening of the tissue, skin, muscles, blood vessels, and eventually heart failure, if left untreated. To date, only 14 other cases have been diagnosed in the world and the only facilities that provide treatment are located in Belgium. The proceeds raised from this ball will cover the travel and treatment expenses to ensure Casen receives the treatment he needs to survive.

Banner printing, poster printing, and flyer printing were probably among the menthods used to advertise and promote this fundraising opportunity to residents of this community and surrounding communities. Tickets are $50 per person at Brown Paper Tickets and everyone is welcome to show their support.

The 4th Annual Masquerade Ball will be happening on Friday, December 21, starting at 6:00 pm at the Landmark Catering and Convention Center located at 47 St. Helens Avenue in Tacoma, Washington. To learn more about this fundraiser, or Casen Buswell, please visit the 4th Annual Masquerade Ball website or call 253-272-9561.