Start Sunday with fabulous pancakes

June 30, 2012 by  

The famous Swedish Pancake Breakfast will be held this Sunday, July 1, at the Swedish Cultural Center located at 1920 Dexter Avenue, North, in Seattle, Washington, just down the road from Silverdale. This breakfast will be served from 8:00 am until 1:30 pm.

This Swedish Pancake Breakfast is one of the most popular events to happen each year in the area and is open to the public. Breakfast includes ham, milk, pancakes with lingo berries or strawberries, coffee, orange juice, and lots of seconds. Besides the breakfast, there will be folk dancing, fantastic music, and lots of time to visit with good friends.

The pancakes made at this event are of an authentic Swedish recipe, made in the same way as in their homeland. During the 2009 festivities, the Kitralli Finnish Folkdancers featured to everyone’s enjoyment and, each year this event is held, a new group performs to the delight of the 800 or so that show up regularly. Approximately 110 pounds of pancakes are served, with around 40 batches being prepared as eary as 4:45 am. This keeps two shifts of six people busy on a full-time basis, as well as twelve fryers and a large group of volunteers.

Admission to this event is $9 for adults, $5 for children aged 5 to 12, and children under the age of 5 eat free. Flyer printing and poster printing may have been used to promote this delicious breakfast to the public. For more information, please visit the Swedish Cultural Center website or call their office at 206-283-1090.