Classic tale gets Egyptian twist

July 22, 2013 by  

‘Cinderella: An Egyptian Story’ is a fun take on a familiar tale, featuring around seventeen performers and seven talented musicians who will entertain, enlighten, and expand the boundaries within the performing arts.

Various printing services, such as poster printing and flyer printing, were most likely used to make this story known to the people that live in this community, as well as those in surrounding districts.

This Egyptian version of the well-known Cinderella tale takes place in the form of an interactive show that features live dance and music from the East. In this modern version, uneducated women replace the slaves from the poorest regions, while Cinderella is the new maid to the master and meets a sassy co-worker who pretends to be her friend.

As the story progresses, Cinderella is bullied, intimidated, and isolated, and consoles herself by dancing with the spirits, plants, and animals. Her master watches and then, being inspired, creates a pair of magic dancing shoes for her. A falcon drops in a last-second invitation to the Prince’s ball in Cairo and story goes from there.

This production is free to everyone, although donations will gladly be accepted. People will be able to see the performance on Saturday, August 3, starting at 7:00 pm at the Angle Lake Park located at 19408 International Blvd. in Seatac, Washington, just down the road from Silverdale. To learn more about this production, please visit the show’s own website or the Planet Suzanna website.