YWCA calls for donations to make sure Christmas is for everybody

November 26, 2012 by  

The holiday season can be a strain on the bank balance, which is why the YWCA Seattle has organized an event to help those who struggle to find the balance between paying their usual bills and having a special Christmas. The YWCA ‘Adopt-A-Family’ event is a special opportunity for families in this area to sponsor other families in need, to ensure they have a happy holiday season as well.

Providing a great way to teach children about the importance of helping others, the whole family can sign up for the YWCA Adopt-A-Family event and help others in their community celebrate the festive season. Businesses and community groups are asked to participate as well.

There are several ways people can help out with this program, including financial donations, purchasing gifts, and buying grocery gift cards at Safeway, Fred Meyer, Target, or QFC. Donations need to be delivered to one of the many locations listed on the YWCA’s website between December 13 – 15. The YWCA website also has a number of great suggestions to ensure that people donate what the families may require this Holiday Season.

Poster printing and digital flyer printing may have been used to promote this great and charitable family event in this region and surrounding areas. For additional news, drop locations, and opportunities to volunteer, please visit the YWCA Seattle website or call Liz Mills at 206-461-4450. The YWCA also urges donors to get in touch with them if the drop locations and times are not convenient for them.