Shipping entertainment about to sail in

December 12, 2012 by  

The Argosy Christmas Ship is a festival that occurs as part of the holiday celebration in the Northwest and has been a traditional event since 1949. This flotilla of ships’ aim is to bring families and communities close together to enjoy the holiday season. The flotilla sails in various communities each day, spanning over 45 communities, for the viewing public to watch and enjoy.

This annual holiday celebration of floating ships is a great family event, as families can stand along the shoreline and view the lit sailing ships, while listening to choirs as they sing Christmas carols – all broadcast to the public using a state of the art loud speaker system. The performances generally last about 20 minutes.

During this viewing, the shoreline is ablaze with glowing bonfires welcoming the ships to their location. People can go aboard a Christmas Ship and join in the singing and laughter. People who own boats are welcome to join the parade and start their own caroling celebration with their friends and family. A portion from the ticket sales will benefit The Seattle Times Fund for the Needy program.

Poster printing might have been the method chosen to remind people of this flashing boat parade and sing along. The cost ranges between $12 and $35, although everyone is welcome. The Argosy Christmas Ship Festival will be happening on Monday, December 17, at 7:00 pm leaving from Seattle area marinas located at 1101 Alaskan Way in Seattle, Washington. To check community departure dates and locations, please visit the Seattle Government Calendar or call 206-623-1445.