Seattle set to dance the month away

January 12, 2019 by  

Seattle residents will have a chance to participate in a masquerade towards the end of this month.

Filled with music and dancing, this event is on its 11th year running, and is being hosted by The Century Ballroom. The ballroom is located on Pine Street, on the second floor of the building. There is street parking available in the area, but this must be paid through 8:00 pm, so eventgoers should take care when paying for their parking. If no street parking is available, there is a garage approximately two blocks away that charges $10.

This event will feature multiple types of dances, including swing, Latin, waltz, foxtrot, and blues. Masks are required to enter this dance. This is also set up specifically as to not be a partner event – dancers will switch multiple times throughout the night.

Due to the nature of the event, attendance is controlled, so there will not be more leads than follows, or vice versa. There may be waitlists before the event. Doors will open for the dance at 8:30 pm, with the dancing beginning at 9:00 pm and continuing beyond midnight.

Events like this often benefit from banner printing, as it allows them to advertise on a building and can attract additional attention. Tickets are currently on sale for this event for $60; any remaining tickets on the day of the event will be $70. This event is scheduled for Friday, January 25.