History display to float Seattle folks’ boats

August 15, 2013 by  

‘Still Afloat, Seattle History’ is a contemporary event based on the historical floating homes of Seattle. A unique exhibition, it is nonetheless a temporary display, so flyer and poster printing might have been used to spread the word about this exhibition to people living in this city and the area to make sure they do not music out.

This is a summery exhibition about living on the water and all aspects will be covered through narratives and displays. It was designed to share information about Seattle’s iconic image – the floating houseboat – and is displayed using pictures, objects, and complete and educational narratives on this subject.

During this event, guests will learn about how this interesting and diverse community has changed and grown throughout the years, as well as how it has adopted today’s technologies. There will be discussion on the integrated systems that have made today’s houseboats more efficient and comfortable. The display will have scale models and architectural diagrams for the viewer to study, and participants will also be able to learn about the infrastructure of the water homes, which have changed to meet today’s lifestyles.

The cost to visit this temporary exhibition is $14 per person. It will be happening on Tuesday, August 20, at MOHAI at Lake Union Park located at 860 Terry Avenue N. in Seattle, Washington. To learn more about this exhibition, or to purchase tickets, please visit the MOHAI Organization website or call the gallery during normal business hours.