BSB Bicycle Boot Camp

April 27, 2012 by  

Starting Wednesday, May 16th and running weekly until Tuesday, July 3rd Cam O’s will be hosting a BSB Bicycle Boot Camp at 315 1st Avenue W, Suite A, in Seattle, Washington. This is an eight week event, although space is limited. Each week’s session will begin at 6:30pm and run until 8pm.

For anyone looking to change up their fitness program, this bicycle boot camp might be just the thing. This boot camp is based on a cross-training platform that combines strength and cardio exercises blended with agility and balance drills. This workout regiment will take place along the Seattle biking course and provide participants with a very enjoyable and scenic view of west Seattle. If you are not a running, this bicycle boot camp is a great alternative. As part of this group, participants will enjoy meeting new people, forming relationships, and find some friendly competition through the group workout sessions. Participants will receive gear instructions at the first night’s event, or they can check it out when they register for the program. Space in this program is very limited. Only ten participants will be accepted for this eight week session. As with all programs, please check with your doctor before registering for this program, as some of the workouts are strenuous and involve riding up steep hills.

Print companies may have prepared some of the stationery printing for this event. The cost for the BSB Bicycle 8-week Boot Camp is $200.00 per person. Advanced registration is required due to the limited space. For additional information, please visit the Cam O’s website, or call Cam O at 206-713-2650.