Magic in the air in Puyallup

July 12, 2013 by  

Today’s ‘Magical WonderGround’ event features Magician Louie Foxx and will provide families, especially children, with some amazing stunts, magical tricks, and laugh-out-loud comedy skits. This magician focuses heavy on illusion and people of all ages have something to look forward to from him.

Foxx is a one-man show and began his career in magic at the age of five after performing his first trick successfully. With his childlike enthusiasm, he understands children and interacts with the audience, no matter what their age. He was voted ‘The Best Stage Magician’ in Minnesota by the Society of American Magicians, and also holds two world records with Guinness and has a television show called ‘How ‘Bout That’. On top of all this, he has been featured twice in Linking Ring magazine – a special publication for magicians.

The performance is part of the ‘Dig Into Reading’ program, which is a summer scheme designed for children. The whole purpose of the program is to keep young people inspired to read during the hot long summer days, plus there are other fun activities and incentives happening throughout this program, so visit the online schedule for more info.

The Magical WonderGround is free to attend and will be taking place this afternoon, July 12, beginning at 3pm at the Puyallup Public Library located at 324 S. Meridian Street in Puyallup, Washington. To register, or to see the program schedule, please visit the Puyallup Public Library website or call Bonnie Anderson at 253-841-5454.