Waterfront welcomes array of art pieces

September 12, 2013 by  

The Waterfront Public Art Tours will give people a chance to take a scenic tour along Olympia’s waterfront while learning about the public art available in the community. These tours are guided and very educational, and will no doubt interest any local artist, graphic designer, or print company employee looking for inspiration, as well as anyone who takes a passing interest in the arts.

The tours are sponsored by the Olympia Parks, Arts, and Recreation, as well as the Olympic Arts Commission and provide people with the chance to learn more about the community’s art and how it defines and shapes its identity.

Each tour lasts approximately an hour and includes such works as the Windstar, Triumph of the Vegetables, Tide Pool of Time, and Motherhood. Many different projects are included on this tour and information about them will be provided by the tour guide, as this is part of a long term plan to display public art in the City of Olympia.

Admission to this event is free for all and everyone is invited to come out and learn more about the artworks that make Olympia unique. The Waterfront Public Art Tours will be available on Saturdays from September 14 to 28, starting at 11:00 am each time. Everyone should meet at the bell by the Olympia Farmer’s Market located at 700 Capitol Way W in Olympia, Washington. To find out more about this art tour, please visit the Olympia Arts Commission website or call 360-352-9096.