Still time to seize the Nutcracker

December 18, 2013 by  

The ‘Nutcracker Ballet’, a magical holiday story about a young girl, can be enjoyed in its full splendor in Olympia right now, and story-lovers have until the end of this weekend to catch it.

Guests can watch as young Clara’s life turns from sadness into wonderment as the story unfolds. Ballet groups and other event promoters often use services like flyer printing and poster printing to share information about events like this on a broader scale.

This production of the Nutcracker Ballet is being presented by Ballet Northwest and is the story of a young girl who is charmed by a gift presented to the household by an uncle; namely, a nutcracker. In the play, the nutcracker is broken by her brother and Clara is sad and heartbroken, but then the magic starts as the nutcracker comes to life and takes young Clara on a magical journey to a wonderful land of colors and flavors.

Tickets for the show can easily be purchased online, although the prices of them vary depending on the seating selection chosen.

The Nutcracker Ballet will be showing until Sunday, December 22, at 7:30pm at the Ballet Northwest located at 412 Jefferson Street South East in Olympia, Washington. For those who would prefer to see it in the afternoon, matinee performances are available at 2:00 pm this Saturday and Sunday. Free parking is available in the parking lot.

To learn more about this story, or to purchase tickets in advance, visit the Ballet Northwest website or call the box office during regular business hours.