Parents to enjoy an evening to themselves

January 30, 2014 by  

Tomorrow night, ‘Parents’ Night Out’ is providing locals with the opportunity to go out and see a movie, have a dinner together, or to catch up on all the work around the house without having to worry about their children, as they will be having a blast with other kids at the local YMCA.

The event is aimed at children who are between the ages of three and twelve. They are divided into age groups and will participate in many fun activities, including swimming in a pool, instructor-led arts and crafts session that focus on the pending Valentine’s Day, and plenty of challenging games in the YMCA gym. Kids who are especially proud of their craft creations could even take them to a local print company.

As part of this fun evening, children will enjoy a wide assortment of healthy snacks, as well as lots of other sporting activities. Space is limited, so advanced registration is required. Parents are reminded that this is a supervised evening, so they can enjoy a quiet, worry free evening away to do the things they enjoy, or need to get done without the disruptions often caused by the young ones.

The Parents’ Night Out will be happening on Friday, January 31st from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm at the Downtown YMCA located at 510 Franklin Street Southeast in Olympia, Washington. To register your children or to find out more about this evening event, please visit the South Sound YMCA website or call the YMCA offices at 360-357-6609.