Olympia to turn the clock back

January 31, 2013 by  

Now only a couple of weeks away, the Oly Old Time Festival provides people with the opportunity to come out and enjoy breaking rule number one from the 1930s era, while enjoying a great long weekend of learning, dancing, and jamming to the period.

For lovers of various types of dances, this is an ideal way for people to share time with a special friend, kick their heels up, and swing around the dance floor. Local printing services may have been used to promote this energetic weekend event.

The Oly Old Time Festival is being held centrally between portland and Seattle and promises all who attend a wonderful time. During this weekend, guests will enjoy a number of dance workshops, a concert, tons of jamming, and two dances. The admission includes a ticket for the Thursday night dance, the exciting Friday night concert, as well as a ticket for the Saturday night dance. Additional workshops will be taking place at the First Christian Church, located just a couple blocks from the venue.

Those who purchase the weekend pass will save a full $10 off the price being charged at the door, so it would be wise to purchase a pass in advance and look forward to some lively dancing.

The ticket for this event in advance is $25 per person, and the event will be held from Thursday, February 14, starting at 7:00 pm, to Sunday, February 17 at the Olympia Ballroom located at 116 Legion Way Southeast in Olympia, Washington. To learn more, visit the Olympia Ballroom website or call its office at 360-943-9242 during regular business hours.