Music lovers in Olympia ready to Baroque and roll

April 18, 2013 by  

Tomorrow night, the ‘DeoGloria Concert’ is being presented by the Masterworks Choral Ensemble and will let its audience sample the exciting sounds of Vivaldi’s ‘Gloria’, as well as Bach’s ‘Magnificat’.

The music being presented on this evening is from the outstanding Baroque era and promises the audience a rich and rewarding listening experience. Area print companies may have been used to provide the poster printing shared with people of a discerning ear in the district.

The audience is invited to come and listen to the joyous and invigorating sounds of this wonderful Choral Ensemble, as it presents distinctive rhythm, melodies, and sacred works from this remarkable era.

The Baroque period produced the very first musical styling to incorporate lavish embellishments, improvisation, and vocal motifs that ranged from introspective and lyrical to outgoing and lively. Many of the pieces in this concert are loved for the wonderful stories that they tell and the audience will be able to inspired by Bach’s strong lyrical flow and faith. The pieces presented during the evening will have the audience enjoying a number of what the organizers describe as “musical word paintings”, all of which are much love and truly respected.

Tickets for this concert ranged from $9 per person to $19 per person, depending on seating. The DeoGloria Concert will be happening on tomorrow, April 20, starting at 7:00 pm at The Washington Center in Olympia, Washington. To purchase tickets, please visit The Washington Center’s website or call the box office at 360-753-8585.