Animals not to be forgotten at Christmas

December 20, 2012 by  

‘Happy Howlidays’ is currently in progress and is a fundraising event for the good of our animal friends. This event may have been promoted to the community using poster printing or digital flyer printing and lets everyone in the family take part in ensuring the animals are looked after this holiday season.

As part of this wonderful and humane animal program, people are asked to donate small items such as animal beds, toys, blankets, food, and accessories that will be used by the various animal shelters, rescue operators, and humane societies as they care for the animals that have been found or left homeless during this special time of year.

Some of the donated items will be sent to low-income families who have pets and find it hard to keep them cared for at this time of year when other items requiring money are so pressing. This program is to improve the living conditions of some animals and their companions during the Christmas season. People who love animals and wish to help a worthy cause are asked to donate any items they can give into the donation boxes, the locations of which can be found on the website.

This Happy Howlidays fundraiser is by donation and will provide area animals with much needed supplies, comfort, and food during this festive season. Donations can be delivered to the Heritage Bank West Olympia Branch located at 900 Cooper Point Road SW, in Olympia, Washington. Donations will be accepted for the rest of 2012. To learn more about this program, please visit the Happy Howlidays website or call the Humane Society during business hours.