Melodramatic play bubbles under Longview

July 17, 2012 by  

Starting this Saturday, July 21, and continuing for five days, the play ‘Trouble Bubbles at the Hot Springs’ will be performed at the Stageworks Northwest Theatre located at 1433 Commerce Avenue in Longview, Washington. This event occurs each evening between 7:30 pm and 9:30 pm.

This play explores who is behind all the mysterious events that are occurring in the hotel at the Hot Springs. Actress Carmen Geditt and a travel outlaw, Dee Zaster, arrive under mysterious circumstances at the Hot Springs. Then out of nowhere, lured by ghost stories surrounding the old town, a spiritualist named Celia Fate arrives in town, changing everything.
Throughout this gripping play, the heroine named Jenna Rossity is in danger of losing her precious hotel to foreclosure. Avery Braveman, an ambitious reporter, must discover the truth about what is going on in order to win his true lover’s hand.
The play is a melodrama but has all kinds of mystery, mayhem, scalawags, and schemers that will keep the audience glued to their seats and desperately waiting to find out what or who is behind the stories concerning the hotel.

Taking place in the theater’s 13th season, it is likely that poster printing, flyer printing, and brochure printing may have been used to promote this special event to the residents of the surrounding area. Tickets for the play can be purchased online and are priced at $10. To get hold of one, or for more information about the performance, please visit the Stageworks Northwest Theatre’s website.