Brubeck Brothers at the Performing Arts Center

March 25, 2012 by  

On Friday, April 6th 2012, the Brubeck Brothers Quartet will be performing at the Kentwood Performing Arts Center found at 25800 164th Avenue in Covington, Washington, just a hop away from Kentwood. This performance will start at 7:30pm and run until 9:30pm. Venues such as the Kentwood Performing Arts Center find great success in employing local printing companies to produce flyers and brochures guiding the local community to what’s on soon.

Although this group’s roots dig deep into Jazz, they have the ability to explore and play various musical styles that integrate the style of funk, blues, and more worldly musical rhythms. Dedicated to spontaneity, rhythms, and cultural mixes, this group has a dedicated mix of improvisation that follows a melodic mix. This concert will bring together their straight forward jazz but combine it with the influences of other musical renderings. The audience will love the creativity of this formidable team. To learn more about this quartet, check them out online.

Both brothers are children of the legendary pioneer, jazz player Dave Brubeck. Chris Brubeck plays the bass and trombone, while Daniel Brubeck plays the drums. Mike DeMicco plays guitar and Chuck Lamb plays the piano. Each of these fine members brings their own unique style to every performance. This evening event promises not only to delight the audience, but surprise them as well, as the band quickly escalades from one type of music to another in a presentation of mixes pleasing to the ear.

Tickets for this event cost $28 general admission, $26 senior, and $20 for youths. Tickets can be purchased online at Kent Arts’ website or you can reserve them at 253-856-5051. For additional information, call 253-856-5050.