Film festival hits the screens this evening

September 14, 2012 by  

A Hollywood era film festival, offering a full weekend’s entertainment and featuring some fantastic, much loved musical productions gets underway this evening in Issaquah, Washington.

Including everything from the 70s disco era comedies such as ‘Can’t Stop the Music’ to ‘Footlight Parade’ by Busby Berkeley, the Issaquah Film Festival will end with ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ by the beloved Beatles, but there will be something for everyone before the schedule finishes.

Tonight’s features include Footlight Parade at 4:00 pm and Stormy Weather at 7:30 pm, while Saturday features An American in Paris at 4:00 pm and Can’t Stop the Music at 7:30 pm. Sunday’s showing includes the V.I.P. reception at 4:00 pm and A Hard Day’s Night at 6:00 pm. All this is to be held in the downtown core.

This film festival is being presented by the City of Issaquah Arts Community and is supported by 4Culture. The City of Issaquah Art Commission’s mandate is to enhance resident’s lives by encouraging and supporting performing and visual arts within the community.

Poster printing and flyer printing might have been used to promote this film festival to the resident in the community other nearby areas. The three-day festival runs at the First Stage Theatre located at 120 Front Street North in Issaquah.. Admission is $10 per person for each night or $25 per person for all three nights. To find out more, please visit the Issaquah Film Festival website or call the First Stage Theatre.