New intergalactic comedy offering to come to Bellingham theater

February 27, 2013 by  

Improve Comedy at the Upfront Theatre has added a wacky new show about space adventure. With a brand new crew, new galactic effects, and a fresh mission, the show is designed to keep the audience rolling in their seats.

Viewers can join the cast as they save the planets, endure a life or death mission, and blow stuff to smithereens. Poster printing was likely used to promote this exciting evening to residents of this community and people in the surrounding area.

The consequences in this show will have the audience roaring with laughter. It will introduce some effects not seen before and, all throughout this comedy skit, the cast and crew will be working hard to rescue diplomats of significant importance and their mission will have them farcing around with a number of issues, all designed to captivate the audience and bring the story to life. This showcase of comedy is open to people of all ages, although wine and beer are served.

The comedy is entitled “Space Trek” and will take the audience on a mission they will not soon forget. Ticket prices vary, so please visit the website for more details. The premier of the Improve Comedy ‘Space Trek’ will be happening on Saturday, March 2, between 10:00 pm and 11:15 pm at the Upfront Theatre located at 1208 Bay Street in Bellingham, Washington. To purchase tickets, please visit the Upfront Theatre website or call Galen Emanuele at 360-733-8855 at any time.