Bellingham to raise a glass to local beers

September 15, 2013 by  

The second annual Bellingham Beer Week kicks off next weekend and provides a 10-day celebration of local craft beer, feature Bellingham’s own three award winning breweries (Chuckanut, Boundary Bay, and Kulshan), as well as dozens of other local beer makers and businesses.

The various events will include beer and chocolate pairings, bike rides, movies, brewery tours, and the well-known ‘Barleywood Squares’, a game based on Hollywood Squares, where beer industry personnel will face off against each other to answer a barrage of beer trivia questions.

The festival highlights the burgeoning microbrew industry in the area – a field symbiotic with the printing and labeling businesses. As the beer is created, so are the labels and the branding. The site has recently posted the images of more than 100 new beer labels from companies based in the Pacific Northwest that were submitted to the Tax and Trade Bureau for approval just this past month., meanwhile, seeks out great label designs and publishes them on their website.

Meanwhile, another website,, one of several sites devoted to the connection between craft beer and graphic art, says on its website:

“Craft breweries are more than just sources of intoxication; they are community hubs for all types of creativity.”

The union between uniquely flavorful beer and creative eye-catching branding is fun as well as necessary, so brewers certainly have plenty to gain from consulting a graphic designer of printing company to see if they can help product packaging to complement the character of the drink.

Bellingham Beer Week will kick off on September 20, continuing until September 29.