Bellingham stores to hold Fairhaven Gives Back Day

October 28, 2013 by  

In order to jump-start the preholiday buying season and to show appreciation for its customers’ patronage throughout the past year, historic Fairhaven Village Green will be holding its First Annual Fairhaven Gives Back Day next month.

Participating businesses in the Fairhaven Historic District will be exhibiting ‘Fairhaven Gives Back’ signs in their doors and windows—each will be donating part of that day’s profits to local charities. At checkout, customers will be given a list of 20 local nonprofit charities from which to choose, such as Blue Skies for Children, The Center for Local Self-reliance, and Make Shift. The charity chosen will be added to a list of charities picked by all customers that day. At the end, all of the charities on the list will receive a portion of the store’s total daily receipts. The charities on the original list will have been chosen to appear via lottery.

Most stores in the historic district will be participating in this shopping event, which has purposely been scheduled prior to the onrush of regular holiday shopping season (starting the day after Thanksgiving) to allow customers to shop in fully stocked, yet still calm stores. Local printing companies may wish to participate by offering flyer or poster printing to assist store owners in advertising the event.

Fairhaven Gives Back Day, the newsiest Bellingham holiday tradition, will be held all day on Thursday, November 14, starting at 10:00 am and continuing until 7:00 pm centered at Fairhaven, 1200 11th Street.